7 Of The World’s Richest Bitcoin Owners

Are you someone who dreams of becoming a Bitcoin billionaire? If so, you would be interested to know about the world’s biggest Bitcoin owners and their lives. The Bitcoin had been launched a decade ago by Satoshi Nakamoto and since then, there have been many more crypto coins that have made an entry. Following that, numerous more trading systems, such as bitcoin buyer krypto-roboter, assist in making bitcoin trading easier.  These robots keep a constant eye on crypto price swings and execute trades with the help of AI algorithms running in the background. Many of those dabbling in crypto assets have turned out to be millionaires overnight making more and more people keen to test the waters.

Here are some of the best-known Bitcoin billionaires:

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto: This obviously has to be mentioned first in the list of the world’s biggest Bitcoin owners because it stands for either an individual or a group of people responsible for creating the Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto holds the most number of Bitcoins till date, almost touching 1.1 million. Interestingly, Nakamoto did not touch his Bitcoins and never converted these into fiat currencies or used them to fulfill any other intentions. In case he plans on selling off his assets, prices of the Bitcoin would plummet instantly.
  2. Tim Draper: He is one of the better known Bitcoin holders today and has made a name investing on several projects and blockchain ventures, making billions in the process. He has invested heavily in Skype and bought 30,000 Bitcoins that were valued around $19 million at the time. Tim Draper has a total net worth amounting to more than $1 billion.
  3. Tony Gallippi: He is a popular business magnate known more for owning a huge amount of Bitcoins. He was the force behind BitPay which is one of the best-known Bitcoin payment services today. BitPay was started in 2011 and is involved in processing more than a million dollars every day. It has also entered into agreements with companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Newegg.
  4. Charlie Shrem: This Bitcoin holder is one of the youngest in the top Bitcoin owner’s list. He bought several Bitcoins at a time when they had been trading for only a few dollars. He went on to buy some more when the prices increased to almost $20. Charlie Shrem was only 22 when he founded the Bit Instant as a member of Bitcoin Foundation. However, he was imprisoned because of money laundering charges, and following his release, he founded another start-up Intellisys Capital that provides investment portfolios to blockchain ventures.
  5. Barry Silbert: He was a venture capitalist and one of the first Bitcoin investors. He founded the Digital Currency Group and walked away with a whopping 48,000 Bitcoins through an auction in 2014 conducted by the US government. At present, his net worth is supposed to be around $500 million.
  6. Dave Carlson: He focused on mining to become a millionaire. He had invested in specialized mining hardware and began mining actively. He went onto launch MegaBigPower allowing him to keep mining and getting rewards on a higher scale. Carlson was making nearly $8 million every month from this huge mining rig.
  7. Winklevoss twins: The Winklevoss brothers should be a part of the richest Bitcoin owner’s list. These brothers had invested a lot of money in many Bitcoin ventures that became rather successful. They had owned almost 1% of total Bitcoins in the earlier days. Today, they hold about $400 million in combined wealth. They created the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini in 2013 that earned license from the NY State Department of Financial.

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